The Biggest Productivity Mistake You Might be Making Everyday

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Mannix Motivation, Sales Coach

Hey there, this is the third vlog in this series on the three Ps inside the Sales Growth Blueprint. If you missed the previous vlogs, check out the first part here and second part here. Now, if you haven’t already downloaded your free copy of the Blueprint, please make sure that you do that. And as always, remember, if you love it, please share it, and I’m confident you will.


Now if you’re a salesperson, the Third P is all about you. And if you’re a business owner, it’s still all about you, but it also includes the people that sell for you and service your customers.

Everybody I speak to tells me that the most important thing in their business is their people. But so few organizations really take responsibility for doing what it takes to get the very best out of their people. And very few individual salespeople really do what it takes to get the best out of themselves.


Discipline is not the issue

Now the funny thing is that most people actually have discipline. They turn up to work at pretty close to the required time. They stay there until pretty close to the required time. They generally meet most deadlines that are provided directly to them by their business, their boss, or by customers.

So you see, generally, sales performance issues are not discipline issues. From a people perspective, what I found is that sales performance issues are more likely to be related to motivation, confidence and/or focus.

And that’s what I call people productivity. So it’s not the amount of time that you spend at work that determines your sales success, it’s what you do with the hours that you spend at work. And the intensity, the commitment, and the focus applied throughout each moment of the day.

You must take control of the drivers of your confidence and motivation. And you must develop structure and accountability to promote the right activity and sales habits.


#1 Mistake – not WINNING the morning

Let’s just take a look at the morning routine of most salespeople and business owners that they use to get themselves ready for a day at work. And this is going to explain exactly why people productivity is so important.

So here’s what most people’s mornings look like: they wake up. Aactually, they don’t just wake up. The alarm goes off. They hit the snooze button maybe three, maybe four times, just to remind themselves that they don’t really want to get out of bed.

They’re not excited about their business or about what they sell. And every time you hit that snooze button again, you’re just telling yourself that’s the case.

Then they get up. They check Facebook. And they just check out other people’s lives. Everyone else seems to be on holiday, and that makes them feel miserable and want to go back to bed or go on a holiday.

Then maybe they check their emails just to see how much administration they’re going to have to do during the day. And check out all the spam.

Then they get up, they walk downstairs to their kitchen, or wherever in the family home. They look at their family. Instead of saying, “I love you guys! I’m committed to performing for you, I’m going to go all out today,” they look at their kids and their spouse and they go, “Why are you sucking me so dry? Why do I have to work so hard for all of you? Why have we got so much debt?”

Then they get out of the house, they jump in the car, they turn on the radio just to make themselves even more miserable. And listen to some shock jock or talkback radio full of morons that are not going to make them sell more effectively.

Then they get to work, jump into the office and actually read the newspaper, just to get their daily dose of murders, crimes, hideous acts that people engage in. And, by the way, a reminder that they’re trying to rip everybody off. And then they get into their emails just to basically get ready for the end of the day.

Now here’s the bottom line: that’s what’s happening to most people most mornings because they haven’t taken control of this concept of people productivity. They’re not taking accountability and responsibility for making themselves significantly more effective and efficient as a human being.


Taking control of your productivity

Now, as I said in the last vlog, we’ve got to make the process and efficiencies around the way we sell from an organizational level and a personal level more effective. And we’ve got to have a compelling story in the middle of what we do. But the bottom line is you as a human being need to take control of this thing called you, and your productivity.

So the third piece is all about people productivity. It links to confidence and motivation and it links to activity accountability. And when you get those things right, it’s amazing what you can do in terms of results.

Remember that the better sales life isn’t just about selling more, it’s about doing it with less effort, less energy. It’s about doing it with better relationships, with more enjoyment of your job, with more excitement for what you sell.

It’s about making sure that you are maximizing every single moment of the day that you are selling so that you can get all the other things that you want out of your life that sales should be delivering.


I hope these three vlogs have explained what the Three Ps are inside the Sales Growth Blueprint. If you missed the first two Ps, check out the first part here and second part here. As I said, if you haven’t downloaded it, please download it. If you love it, please share it. Because remember, you deserve the better sales life. You just have to do a little work to get there.


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