Join tens of thousands of sales professionals and business leaders that have experienced the energetic, inspirational and thought-provoking keynote presentations by Dean Mannix. He will connect with your people, challenge their mindset and show them the path to a #BetterSalesLife.

After 20 years of exclusive consulting to enterprise clients, Dean is now available to engage, energise and enlighten your people.

“All nature sets you up to achieve is SURVIVING…

      I want to coach you into THRIVING!”

                                                                                – Dean Mannix

Whether you need a speaker for your sales kick-off, sales and marketing conference, business breakfast or private seminar, Dean is the ideal speaker to captivate your audience and promote sales growth.


Dean has spoken internationally in over 25 countries over the past 20 years for clients including Goldman Sachs, Oracle, Newscorp, Boston Consulting Group and a host of other globally dominating companies.


Ready to stop surviving and start thriving?


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