How Passionate Are You About Your Sales?

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Sales Coach

Hey guys, I’m really excited about sharing all the strategies I’ve used to help my global clients achieve literally billions of dollars in additional sales over the past 20 years. If you haven’t downloaded my Sales Growth Blueprint eBook, make sure you do! It really is a refinement of the very best I’ve seen, observed and coached globally over the past 20 years in over 25 countries. I’ve been paid literally tens of millions of dollars to coach what I’m sharing for FREE. Now, the big question I have for you today is “How effective are you at creating a passion for your platform?” What I mean by that is how much passion for purchasing do the people you sell to have as a result of speaking to you about the product or service you sell?

You see – our prospects and customers can never be any more passionate about our product and services than we are. So I want you to think about these questions. Take some time out today, find a quiet place, and really consider your HONEST answers to these questions.


1. How passionate are you about the company you work for?

Do you remember the first day you started working for them? Remember all the great things you were telling your friends and family about the company you were going to work for? Remember how excited and confident you were about selling that brand and that story into the market? How do things compare right now? How passionate are you about the company you work for? And importantly – how effectively are you communicating that passion as part of the way you sell?


2. How passionate are you about the solution or product you sell?

Are you in LOVE with the product or service you sell? Do you get excited about the difference it makes in the lives of the people you sell it to? If someone challenged you on the value you deliver, would you stand up to them and fight for the value you’re delivering? Or would you back down — agreeing that it’s the same as everyone else’s product or service or maybe even agreeing that the price should be discounted?


3. How passionate are you about sales success and sales growth?

The last question is a really important one because it’s about you. How passionate are you about sales success and sales growth and more importantly the difference that will make in your personal life? Do you jump out of bed knowing that every call, every connection, every meeting, every opportunity and every sale is all adding up to a better sales life — a better life for you and a better life for those you care about? Or are you stuck in a rut, just surviving, and more focused on your boss’s goals than you are on what really matters to you?


Please take the time out to really reflect on the answers to these questions. The first P in the Sales Growth Blueprint is all about ‘passion for platform’. And without that passion, your willingness to sacrifice your time and energy to sell it and other people’s willingness to sacrifice their time, energy and money to BUY it – will never be high enough to get you from surviving to thriving. It’s very serious stuff! Spend some time reflecting on this and download the eBook. If you love it—and I really think you will—please SHARE this. YOU and all salespeople DESERVE a better sales life… and I’m committed to helping you make that a reality.




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