Top 3 Sales Motivation Strategies to Win Everyday

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Sales Coach

Hey guys, It’s Dean Mannix here. Now you’ve probably seen in the Sales Growth Blueprint that confidence and motivation and taking daily action to build both of those is an absolutely critical aspect of driving real sales growth into either your job or your entire business. As Australians, I find that we just don’t pay enough attention to this. I mean I think a lot of us are anti “motivation” because as Australians we think it’s over the top or it’s a bit crazy but the bottom line is — as Zig Ziglar said, “Motivation is like a shower, it needs to be a daily habit.”

So quick few ideas to motivate yourself to take the extra steps to do those extra things to make those big differences at the end of the year. You have to remember that success is very rarely this one-off amazing event where all of a sudden you become incredibly wealthy and it all works out and your budget gets smashed to pieces and you’re killing it. Success is lots and lots of little successes put together that ultimately lead to those major moments or major events or maybe just lots of small wins that lead up to the big win at the end of the year. And guys, failure is exactly the same. It’s failing to do all the thing we know we need to do,  failing to make those calls, attend those networking events, posts those social posts and really make sure we’re engaging with the community we want to do business with. Failure to make sure we do those right things that we should in those sales meetings. Failure to basically ask the right questions and ask for commitments. It’s failure to close effectively and practice for that. It’s failure to negotiate effectively. Failure after failure after failure.

And the bottom line is you’ve got to be motivating yourself and really be working on those aspects if you’re working to drive sales growth in your job or in your business. So a couple of key strategies:


1. Win the morning!

You’ve got to have specific strategies to win the morning and make sure that you’re not doing things in the morning that are going to drain your energy, take you away from motivation and get you caught up in all that rubbish, clutter and noise that slows most people down. So, little things like – don’t look at Facebook until 10 am, okay? Unless you’re a Facebook superstar, avoid Facebook in the morning otherwise it’s going to drag you off topic.

If you’re posting on LinkedIn and getting on LinkedIn – another great tool but could also be a great way to waste time. So if you’re going to go in there, go there with a specific intent of posting comments on three other people’s posts. Or sending out 2-3 specific connection requests or introductions. So don’t go into these sorts of tools unless you have really specific outcomes because they are a trap.

Write it down! Make sure you’ve written down what’s most important thing for you to do in the morning before you leave work the previous day. So you hit the ground running when you arrive at work

Think about what you’re listening to in the car – if you’re listening to the radio or some shock-jock on the radio, the bottom line is that’s disturbing you mentally and not building you. So, I’m not against radio, I’m not against newspapers, I’m not against watching the news – I don’t personally partake in it. I’m just against it before 10 am in the morning because it slows you down too much. You should be listening to motivational tapes or educational strategies on exactly what you need to do for the day or even music that truly inspires or motivates you. So you need to win the morning!


2. Engage with your personal goals

Make sure you’re engaging in your personal goals and relate them to your work goals. the more you can see earning those $10,000 or $20,000 as a huge part of having a better sales life. As in, being able to take your family to Disneyland or being able to pay a deposit on a house or being able to buy that new car or being able to pay for that education. The more you connect those two things, the more motivated you’re going to be to do what it takes when you get into the office.


3. Create motion with emotion

I think the other one is just physiologically. Emotion has the word motion in it because our emotion creates our motion. So, if you’re very stagnant in the morning, don’t be very surprised if your thinking, your inspiration, your confidence and your motivation is very stagnant. So little things like, before you get to work, walk a couple of extra blocks, thinking what you’re going to do, what you’re going to achieve, why you’re going to achieve it, why does it matter so much. Just make sure you get that body moving every morning.

I like to go for a run but I won’t be the health-nut and tell you that you must do that. Just a walk around the block or the walk around the park or getting off the bus stop and walking to work can make a major difference to what you can achieve when you walk into the office and how ready to go you are.

These are just some simple tips. I am going to do a webinar in relation to this. I do a lot of free webinars and I’ve been asked if I could do one in relation to sales confidence and motivation building – I hope you can join me!

UPDATE: If you missed the live webinar, you can access my program for Sales Confidence and Productivity here.

Hope you’re living that better sales life. But remember, it takes work and you’ve got to get better at doing the right things at the right time for the right people. That’s what I’m all about – the #BetterSalesLife!


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