Improve Your Life in These 6 Key Areas

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Insurance Hero, Mannix Motivation, Sales Coach

I just finished my morning run and enjoying the morning here in Gold Coast, but getting ready for the week ahead. The question I’ve got for you this morning is, what are you going to do this week to genuinely make things better? You see, better doesn’t happen on its own. The reality is, it happens because you roll into the week with a genuine intent to seriously improve something in your life.

Now, if you’ve got nothing in your head around what you want to improve this week, then don’t be surprised if it’s just going to be a different week, but pretty much the same as all the other weeks. The reality is, if we’re not getting better, there’s a high probability things are actually getting worse because life doesn’t roll along in a nice straight line. The bottom line is, things are either getting better, or they’re getting worse. We are growing or we are basically rotting. You know, that Ray Kroc saying, “When you’re green you grow. When you’re ripe you rot”, is one of my absolute favourite quotes. So, here’s the thing. What exactly do you want to be better this week? Here are 6 areas you can focus on:


1. Mental health

Mentally, do you want to learn some new skill? Read a new book? Do you need to take some time to yourself? Maybe find out some new information that’s going to make a difference, like be more confident or more disciplined this week. 


2. Emotional experience

Emotionally, maybe this week you just need to focus on being happier, friendlier, more empathetic. I don’t know what it is for you, but emotionally, do you want to be better this week? And, if you were to choose what better actually looks, sounds, and feels like, what would that be?


3. Relationships

Maybe there’s a tough conversation you need to have or you need to let them know that you love them. Do you need to spend more time with the ones you love? Catch up with friends you haven’t connected with in a while? The bottom line is with relationships, there’s got to be something you can improve on.


4. Physical health

Physically, maybe there’s something you really should start doing or you could do for yourself. Or it can be something you won’t do this week that you know is going to take a bit more care of yourself – remember, rest and recover is as important as the hustle.


5. Time and energy

And then, just the use of your time. Where are you going to spend your time this week that’s going to enable you to be significantly more productive and effective in what you do? Because, so often, it’s not about working harder, doing more, doing stressful stuff. It’s actually just about being a little bit more efficient and effective.


6. Financial freedom

Maybe this week you just need to be a bit smarter with your money or do that little bit of budgeting or whatever it is for you. What can I do to move towards where I want to be at financially? What’s one step closer towards being able to do what I want, when I want?


The bottom line is, in relation to these six areas of life, nothing gets better on its own. And the more you can go into each week, and, in fact, every day, with the intent of genuinely making something better, the higher the probability life’s going to keep on improving. Because it can, and it should. And if it’s not, that’s because you’re not setting an intent for that to happen. So, this week, make sure you make something better. Have a sensational week and I’ll see you out there.


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