How to Handle Sales Objections Like a Pro

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Sales Coach

Last week I was up in New Zealand for Conversion Conference with an amazing crowd. We had great discussions around an effective sales methodology, increasing conversion and maximising sales growth to accelerate the sales success. The feedback we got was really great, and I can’t wait to bring the conference to Australia.


My friend took this video at the conference when we were discussing common sales objections. Joyce sells life insurance and one of the common objections she receives is “I don’t need this right now”. I showed her that she can handle the objection ethically, and close the opportunity in a customer-centric way. I know the footage is not the best quality, but I want you to listen to the powerful takeaway.


I stressed at the conference that closing can be ethical and customer-centric if…

1. You’re closing the decision and NOT the sale



2. Making a decision is aligned with the customer’s outcomes and interests



3. Your response is about helping the customer make decisions vs. overcoming the objection to get to the sale


I also stress that sales is NOT all about handling objections.


There are always common objections and salespeople will generally need to help customers in situations where avoiding making a decision is not in the customer’s best interest.


Compare how effectively you respond to your common objections and if you want to see more, let me know and I’ll share some other great examples from the Conversion Conference.


Remember – if you missed Conversion Conference there’s still time today and tomorrow to register for the Converting Stalled Deals webinar. I will show you how to convert your proposals into presentations with key decision makers, re-engage deals that have gone cold and accelerate the deals in your funnel. I’m also adding a free bonus 4-part video training series on sales methodology when you register.


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