7 Areas to Improve for Better Sales Life – Part 2

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Sales Coach

Hye guys, last week I introduced you to the first four areas of your sales life that you can improve to have a better life in sales. As I mentioned, I go through these in much more detail in my Sales Growth Blueprint program that’s launching in the next couple of weeks. But today I’ve promised to talk through the other three accelerants of sales growth. So let’s get into it.


5. Retention and referral strategy

The fifth area that you can work on, to radically improve your sales life, is getting your retention and referral strategy sorted. Now I can hear some of you groaning and say, “But Dean I’m busy enough as it is. Like how does spending more time with my existing customers actually make my life better?” Look, I get it, but here’s the thing: if it really is five times easier to keep and sell to an existing client, compared to prospecting for a brand new one, why wouldn’t you want to be spending more time helping and relationship building with your existing customers? The more effectively you do this, the more referrals they start sending through to you. Given a referral is just under four times more likely to convert when compared to a marketing lead, you’re going to make that time back and have a lot more fun selling. You know life is amazing when your existing customers become part of your business development team.


6. Building confidence and motivation

Now the sixth area is deliberately building your confidence and motivation. Kennedy said, “Only the strong can help the weak,” and here’s the thing: If you’re not feeling strong, confident, and motivated right now, you’re probably in the weak camp, and you’re probably too tired or too busy to even notice. Now it sounds greedy, but you need to take care of yourself first if you really want to be able to take care of your customers.


7. Activity strategy and planning

Finally, the seventh area that you need to get handled is your activity strategy and planning. Your biggest enemy is distraction. Distraction is stealing your energy, your joy, and your money. The only way to beat distraction is to make sure the diary is so full of discipline, purpose, and healthy urgency, so that distraction doesn’t have any oxygen to survive.


So there you go, seven areas to work on that can make your sales life so much better. But which one of these could you focus on improving this week? Do you need to improve your retention and referral activity? Would just going out and seeing a few existing clients to have a referral conversation make sense? Or do you need to get yourself out of a slump and focus on some activity that’s going to build your confidence and motivation? Would taking a little more control in this area make a big difference?

Or maybe you need to take a little time out, and really get back to figuring out cause and effect in your sales life. So what are the top three activities that really drive your success? What are the levels of those activities required for success? How do you make those activities a real priority? Maybe it’s just a little bit more discipline and focus, that’s going to make the biggest difference in your sales life. But no matter what, make sure you choose one of the three work on and make sure you take some action. Stay committed!


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