Keep Priming the Sales Pump!

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Sales Coach

Hey guys, I filmed this from Perth airport—for those of you that don’t know, Perth is about 4,000 kilometres away from my hometown of Sydney, and obviously it’s a bit of a trek. But it’s been a fantastic trek and my message for you today is to keep priming the pump. There was a story I got out of a Brian Tracy book—must be 20 years ago, but it really stuck with me and the concept was this: when a farmer goes searching for water on land, they know that water is down there. They know that 100 feet, 150 feet, there is water down there. So they lay a pipe down into that big basin of water and they hook a pump up to it.


When they pull the pump, basically it sucks water up the pipe. But here’s the thing, they pull the pump, and nothing comes out. They pull the pump twice, three time, four times—still, nothing comes out. They know that the water is slowly coming up the pipe, if they keep pulling that pump, eventually water will flow out of that tap.


But here’s the thing, if they stop pulling the pump, the water goes all the way back down and all their hard work was for nothing. So how does this relate to sales? Well, a lot of you probably feel like you’re putting in the effort, you feel like you’re doing the right things, you feel like you’re really going for it. Could be your outbound market, could be your social media, could be your client entertainment, could be learning skills, etc. And you just feel like nothing’s coming back. You’ve got to know, you’ve got to believe that if you keep pushing, eventually it will come.


I had a fantastic moment yesterday with the team. You know, some days I got to tell you we feel like all the social posts that we put out and all this effort that we put in—we don’t get immediate results for it—and sometimes you go, “Is it working? Is it worth it? Should we be spending our time on this stuff?” But yesterday we got an amazing inquiry from someone we’ve been chasing forever and we got an inbound inquiry because they’d seen a presentation on YouTube and said, “Hey, we want this guy to present at our conference.”


We got a bunch of sign-ups for the Conversion Conference in Auckland that came from the strangest places—like three or four connections away, but something we did around about six months ago connected and turned into those fantastic people coming to our conference.


We had some other requests for work, some training work for the team that once again has come from left field. Stuff we did three months ago, but because we’re priming the pump and staying out there and staying top of mind, it’s starting to come through. So if you’re out there and you’re busting it and you’re pushing for it, just keep priming! Remember that if you stop priming, a lot of your hard work could dissipate and disappear.


It’s all about consistency, so that comes back to that mantra of consistently good beats the crap out of occasionally great. So the message today is, keep priming that pump, have a little faith. You’ve gotta be doing the right stuff, so you’ve got to be smart about this. But don’t give up just because you’re not getting immediate results.


All the very best. Hope to see you soon online, and remember we’ve got some fantastic solutions out there. I’d love for you to get on board and I’d love to be your sales performance coach. And if you need that last push for EOFY, join my next webinar where I will share proven strategies to re-engage deals that have gone cold and close all the stalled deals by June 30.


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