Dean’s Day of Sales Hustle

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Sales Coach

Hey guys, I thought I’d share a Friday of Sales Hustle and Sales Growth, given that I’m out there telling you guys that you need to be lead magnets.


6:07 am – Starting the hustle

Checking in after a 5 am morning run with Andy—need to race to a meeting in 23 minutes!


6:10 am – First in the office

There’s something therapeutic about being the first in the office. If you’re a rainmaker, a hustler, and are serious in sales, getting in the office first thing in the morning reminds you that you’re in the game—not here just to do 9-to-5 and make up the numbers—you’re serious about winning.


6:14 am – Morning priming

There is some fantastic motivation stuff on YouTube! This morning I’m listening to this particular track that’s really working for me. Make sure you prime yourself—there’s always 10 minutes somewhere to do this, You CAN fit it in.


6:50 am – Second networking meeting + interview with a referral partner (Ashton Bishop from Step Change)

Dean: Just here with my buddy Ash from Step Change Marketing, a fantastic referral partner both ways for our business, and a really brilliant guy. We’ve run at the Sydney Opera House, and we also happen to be across the Harbour Bridge. One hell of a spot to finish a run! So Ash, how’s the sales development been this week, mate? How much time did you spend on sales growth as opposed to working in the business as a CEO?

Ash: That’s a really good question, Deano. Our businesses have, interestingly, never had trouble winning clients. Our trouble has been going deep into relationships, so what the insight for me was not all sales opportunity is created equal. I had to work to intensive this week, but rather than going with the mindset of working that job, I went with a mindset of where is the next job and where’s the potential in shifting the frame from completing that job to completing the clients’ results in the bottom line. So out of the two jobs that I worked, I created 5 massive new pipeline opportunities just by listening differently, going deeper. Last night, we had—one of your ideas you gave me a while back, Deano—which was a vision board. We got our referral partners, our board and influencers and put them in a room and just let them bounce off ideas off each other. That was having 10 of the most verbally intelligent, connected people just engaging with each other.

Dean: Mate, you missed out on another intelligent person—where was I, buddy?!

Dean: Look, it’s a really good point, right? Lead gen, business growth, sales growth—so many people look outside of the office instead of inside the existing customer relationships. If you don’t sit down and actually plan out where’s the growth is in that space and define what percentage of your time you should be spending on it, you MISS it! We all know that it’s five times easier to sell to existing client, but I’d like to point out Bruce Lee said: “knowing is NOT doing”. Ash, you’re a legend—thanks so much, cheers buddy!

Ash: See you later!


7:30 am – Back in the office; next is singing lesson

It’s 7:30 and I’m back in the office post a run and catch up with Ash, which was absolutely fantastic. Gotta go to singing lessons at 8 o’clock, so quick shower and then race off to that. You are NOT coming inside my singing lessons because they are still incredibly embarrassing… but I guess the point there is, I’m not just saying that ‘you guys should have a coach’. I have coaches for things in my life that I’m trying to learn and stuff that is pushing me out of my comfort zone. I’ll be going to singing lessons then it’s back to business development. You know, don’t forget that you got to put in the personal improvement stuff—lock that in your diary because it matters and it’s important. Alright, let’s keep going!


7:50 am – On the way to singing lesson…

It’s a little bit noisy here but I had to capture this—sounds super corny, but I walked about 800 meters from my office to singing lessons, I’ve run into TWO customers on the street and had a really quick chat. The leads are out there, not in the office. Sounds corny, but seriously, that’s what has happened, so I had to share. Cheers!


9:00 am – Singing lesson is done!!

Gotta say I kinda got my butt handed to me in that lesson… my coach asked me ‘what note should I write’ and I said, ‘hey just send me a note saying, ‘Dean, practice more; be realistic.’’ I did practice, I’ve improved, I felt better and that was awesome; but the song—I’m telling you, Elvis is rolling in his grave at the moment and he’s pretty upset at me.

The reality is, it reminded me that the bottom line is you can’t accelerate through a skill and you can’t master a skill unless you put in daily discipline and conscious practice. Who knows, I’m going to try and do better this week and fit that time in for practice. You know what, I just realised my language there was crap—when I say ‘try’ it doesn’t give me a lot of confidence it’s going to happen, so I’m going to change that to: I MUST diarise and commit to doing some practices at least two times this week, no matter what, if I’m actually going to get it done. Anyway, onward and upward, see you soon!


9:15 am – Team’s morning huddle meeting

As you can see, the team’s doing the morning huddle—that’s our team that’s focusing on the online growth of the business—LOVE IT! Strong rigour every single morning, huddle, what are we going to achieve, where are we at, where are we going, what’s gonna happen today. So daily discipline is inside the team run by my amazing business partner, Aaron, and our incredible team online. Exciting stuff!


9:30 am – Conference call with potential affiliate

Time for 9:30 conference call with a potential affiliate down in Melbourne. One thing you’ve got to think about in terms of your business development is, are you talking to enough third parties and working with them in a real partnership level to make sure that you’re activating your business development team outside of yourself? A team that’s inspired and excited; wants to talk about you, your solution and what you do, as much as you do and should be doing.

Now here’s a big tip: that’s called a PHONE! You need to talk to people if you want to motivate and activate them as third parties. That includes customers, third-party referrers, anybody that you want to be actively talking about you out in the market. Communication like email, LinkedIn, and all of that stuff—it matters and can be meaningful, but guess what, if you really want to activate and motivate someone, you got to CONNECT with them. Let’s get that call going!


1:00 pm – Waiting for pick-up to present at a conference

Unfortunately, I don’t have a limousine yet, I think that would work for my social profile… so I got to work on that, but here we go!


1:50 pm – Ready for my conference

Made it to Parramatta for my conference, it’s time to go live our 3Es and engage them 100%. Make sure that I enlighten them with a few great ideas and energise the hell out of them. Friday afternoon after lunch, that could be challenging, but I’m going to have some fun.


3:15 pm – On my way back to the office

Just reviewing the latest eBook that we’re releasing next week as a part of the campaign at the back of the car… pretty excited on a Friday, that’s what the tunes are all about! Extremely excited—too cool!


4:00 pm – And I’m back in the office!

In time for the 4 o’clock Friday debrief at SalesITV where we celebrate success and have some fun!


There you go, that was a day in the life of Sales Hustle.


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