4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Networking Events

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Sales Coach

Hi everybody! I’m feeling incredibly grateful—I’ve got Tereza with me back from Japan, which is awesome, and we’ve been invited out to the Queen concert here in Sydney. It’s a networking event, so here’s a couple of tips I’d like to share in relation to networking.


1. Get there early

If you get there early, a lot of people are still by themselves, and it’s much easier to connect with those people than if they’re already with somebody else.


2. Herd!

Once you’ve got someone, another person comes along, HERD! Take that person and grab the other single person. What you’re doing is building credits for later on when their friends come, so you can go and meet a bunch of other people.


3. Take a buddy

If you see my networking sessions, I talk about the fact that Tereza is so much nicer than me… I go out, and people love me or they hate me, but they all love Tereza. So that’s why I take her, but it doesn’t have to be a beautiful girl like Tereza, it can be someone else in your network who’s also looking to network.


4. Do the work to create the relationship!

I’m not paying for tonight, I’m not actually even invited by someone that I’m paying, I’ve been invited by one of our customers. So you want to build a relationship where your customers take you to events.


Massive shout out to Summit Fleet Management—partners for five years in sales performance—for the invite to the Queen concert.


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