The Life-changing Tip to Get What You Want in Life [Video]

by | May 1, 2018 | Sales Coach

An interesting conversation I have with a lot of people is, is it wrong to want lots of stuff? Does that make you greedy, does that make you a bad person? And I suggest no, the bottom line is, if that stuff matters to you, you really care about it, and you’re passionate about it, there’s nothing wrong with wanting that stuff. But here’s the biggie in terms of goal setting: if you want something, you need to have the COURAGE to write it down or it’s never gonna turn up.


I shot this vlog from my place in Hakuba, Japan, which I’ll show you in another blog. This is about a really funny ‘have’ goal. I talk a lot about ‘be’, ‘do’, and ‘have’ goals, so what do you want to be, what sort of person do you want to be, what do you want to do, and what do you want to have, don’t be afraid of material stuff. And I talk about those six areas of your life that you need to set goals in relation to.


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Your mental health and emotional well being, so how you feel each and every day. How you feel physically, your relationships, whether that be with family or people you care about or even relationships with yourself, or if it’s important to you, a higher being or a connection to the universe. Where are you at in terms of using your time and your energy on a daily basis, and also, your financial freedom. Are you getting to do what you REALLY want to do?


Now I love skiing, I love skiing with my friends, which is why I built this place. I love having the right equipment for the right job, and so my wife gives me a really hard time. Tereza says I own too many skis and too many snowboards, but I don’t think you can. And the fantastic thing is, once in a while Tereza will have a ‘have’ goal that gets me off the hook.


Tereza’s ‘have’ goal for this year was, she wanted to have a vending machine in our chalet in Hakuba. So here it is, Tereza has now successfully purchased herself a vending machine, so that if we run out of beer, or we run out of vitamin C water late at night, or we run out of Coca-Cola, we can get access to it, or our customers can get access to it if they’re staying with us in the apartments.


What’s your crazy ‘have’ goal? Tereza’s was a vending machine. She’s now got it. So if you have the courage to write down all the funny, quirky little things that you want to have in life, what would they be? Make sure that you write it down. If you don’t write it down, it’s not going to happen. You’re not going to live the life that you deserve and have the stuff that you really want to have in your heart.



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