4 Drivers of Sales Growth

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Sales Coach

There are only four things that you need to be focused on, that you need to be doing, that you need to be thinking about and executing on, to be insanely successful in sales. I think the more you remind yourself of this the more you find it easier and easier and easier to stay on track and get the very most out of your day. So the four things are really quite simple.


1. Fill the Pipeline

The first is, “What am I going to do to fill the pipeline?” What am I going to do right now? What am I going to do today? What am I gonna do that’s going to genuinely enable me to put more in the pipeline? I’m not talking about trolling around LinkedIn and reading other people’s stories and wasting lots of time socially and reading the newspaper thinking you’re gonna find the opportunity of a lifetime in there. I’m talking about what am I going to do to fill the pipeline? Some of you are in copier sales. Which street am I gonna walk? Which building am I going to suss out for leads? Who am I going to talk to? Basically, what am I gonna do to fill the pipeline? If you’re not thinking about that, if you’re not realizing it’s one of the most important things you could be doing everyday, funny enough no matter how good you are at sales, you won’t have enough people to sell to.


2. Accelerate Sales Velocity

Once you’ve got people in there or once you’re starting to meet people, “What am I going to do to accelerate the sales velocity?” How can I shorten the time it takes between meeting a lead and doing business with that lead/helping them solve a problem? How do I shorten that period of time? Because the better you are at shortening that period of time, the more deals you do each year from the leads you generate and the more you’re going to earn with the same amount of time.


3. Convert More Sales

“How am I going to convert more sales?” Not just convert them but convert them at higher margins because the higher the margins you convert at, generally the more you get paid. So how am I gonna convert more? What am I doing to improve my ability to convert?


4. Leverage and Retains Relationships

And then once I’ve got customers, how am I gonna leverage those customers as part of my business development strategy and how am I gonna retain those relationships to make sure that money’s not going out the door as fast as it’s coming in? Those are the only four things that should be going through a salesperson’s brain on any given day.


The more you simplify the story and remind yourself of these things, the more effective you’re going to be on a day by day, moment by moment basis. And if you really want to judge the quality of a day, now if you really wanna take a step back and go, “How effective was my day today?” Then just sit down and give yourself a score of each one of these. Fill the pipeline, one to ten, how did I do? How effective was I at accelerating sales velocity? How effective was I at converting more sales? How effective was I at leverage and retain relationships?


If one of those is a nine or a ten you probably had a great day. You don’t have to have ten on all of them to have a great day. But if all of them is a four or a five then you’re probably living a four or a five (out of ten) quality life. You’re probably taking a four- or five-out-of-ten holiday. You’re probably feeling four or five out of ten most days. But when one of these 4 things is a nine or a ten, that’s when you feel fantastic and that’s when you’re making real progress. So I share that because all the strategies I’m gonna talk through really are ultimately about making sure that you can do those four things more effectively. And that you can dial up and dial down on each one of them depending on where you’re at in your sales journey.


So the bottom line here is that the key to keeping yourself on track, the key to keeping yourself focused, the key to keeping yourself motivated on a moment by moment, day by day basis is simplifying the hell out of things and making sure that everything you do directly impact these four things. Learn how you can get better at these four areas faster in my Sales Growth Blueprint program and live a better sales life! Click here to access the program


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