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How to Find Your Purpose and Achieve Your Sales Goals (Must-Have Sales Conversations – Part 1 of 8)

Internal factors affect salespeople’s performance more than they realise – especially their motivation. This is why the first key conversation you need to have is a reflection session to define the purpose and personal motivation for sales growth.

8 Must-Have Conversations at Your Sales Kick-off

Research states that 47% of sales managers spend less than 30 min a week coaching reps. The sales kickoff is probably the best time of the year to coach and motivate your salespeople. And that’s what this week’s blog video is all about – 8 key points that you need to coach/ discuss in your sales kick-off.

The Ultimate Guide To Plan Your Sales Kick-Off!

Let’s start with a question. What’s the 20% that delivered 80% of your sales results last year? That’s the essence of this Kick-Off series — I’m going to take you through a structured and detailed...

How to Sell More Before the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching – but don’t let it kill your productivity. In this week’s blog video I’m sharing some really easy strategies you can use immediately to set yourself up for success in the new year. Watch the video now >>

6 Expert Tips to Overcome Sales Rejection

As a salesperson you’re bound to face a lot of rejection – sales can really be tough if you can’t handle hearing ‘no’. In this week’s blog, I got together with another expert in sales – Rohilesh Singh from Populis – to share some practical tips and strategies for handling sales rejection – no matter what you sell. Watch the video now >>

5 Friends That Define your Success

Who do you spend most of your time with? We are greatly influenced by the 5 people we spend most of our time with and this week’s vlog is about who those 5 people should be.

7 Common Phrases that Destroy Your Confidence

Are labels killing your #BetterSalesLife? In this week’s vlog, I’m discussing seven negative labels that salespeople often use that are stopping you from reaching your fullest potential.

How to Thrive in a World That’s Just Surviving

In this week’s blog video, I’m discussing this concept of thriving versus surviving, which you’ve probably seen in a lot of our marketing materials. Watch it now and ask yourself – are you subconsciously surviving or deliberately thriving?

How Villains Can Solve Your Sales Problems

Every great story needs a hero and a villain. There will be no hero if there’s no villain – and the same goes for sales. You need villains in your sales story, so you can be the hero! In this vlog I’m showing you a step-by-step example of how revealing the villains to your prospects can help get you MORE sales.

How to Get Everyone Talking About Your Business

In this week’s blog video, I want to tell you about an amazing experience we had with a jeweller and how the principle behind what that jeweller did can help you boost your sales TODAY. Watch it now >>

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