Customer-Centric (And Compliant) Insurance Sales


This book is NOT for self-centred people, managers and companies focused on selling more insurance products. You are VILLAINS.

This is for the HEROES in the insurance industry. Those truly committed to protecting their customers.

Protect and Provide will challenge every aspect of the way you sell insurance. You’ll learn everything you need to know how (and ask) to transform selling insurance products into helping people buy the right cover.

This is your guide to personal and financial success in the insurance industry.

It’s time to choose. Are you an insurance hero or a villain?



Unleash the 7 Sales Growth Accelerants


Dean has worked with the best people from some of the best companies to help them “make” more money over the last 20 years.

This book includes secrets that have helped Dean’s clients generate BILLIONS of dollars in sales.

He’s shown them how to boost sales using this very framework. Download it now to access some of the best strategies, case studies and examples to help you ethically boost your sales growth.

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of Closing More Life Insurance Sales


If you sell insurance… you are a HERO. And if you fail to win… the customer generally loses!

These 21 proven principles are your guide to earning more money in life insurance sales.

When Dean lost his father at 15, he experienced underinsurance and this had a profound impact on his family… He wrote this free ebook to enable life insurance salespeople and advisers to help MORE families get the RIGHT cover instead of the cheapest.

DOUBLE your life insurance sales with a customer-centric, compliant and career approach.

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